Flow noise for OSL

Flow noise, useful in creating swirls in turbulent fluids for example, was a logical step to add to my port to OSL of Stephan Gustavsons implementation of Simplex Noise. The code is available on my blog, including a link to a YouTube video with an animated example. A still from that video is shown below.

Please note that the code as presented in the article is far from beautiful. That is no fault of Stefan but introduced by my simple minded conversion to OSL. I am sure a lot can be improved :wink:


– Michel.

You are making some excellent stuff with OSL and backed up by a great blog. Thank you.

you’re welcome :slight_smile:

I added a small additional article to show how to restrict the swirling effect to a certain location:


Might be a start to create large weather systems for example (for a real artist, not me :wink: )

looks great,like marbling