Flowchart Heroes (animation)


I’ve finished another set of short movies for e-learning platform. This time it shows “finding solution” algorithm - it is kind of boring theory, which I’m trying to make less boring :slight_smile: It took one week to complete.

Some credits must go to creator of Donkey rig (http://davidomatic.blogspot.com/2008/07/donky-rigged-for-you-and-its-free-you.html) as I’ve used parts of it in this work. Thank you!

Hope you like it:

the workflow of the socialism :slight_smile:

yeah, kind of :wink: But I guess it works everywhere - one boss, one stupid and one accountant :slight_smile:

i didnt really understand because I’m not in business, or polish speaking. But I love the storyline and the animation

I’m glad you like it :slight_smile:

Either polish text or theory in background are not really important (for us, at this forum).

Lol, well whatever thestory was, i liked the animation.

probably better without translation… made me laugh anyway


hehe, I guess you are right :smiley:
It was a lot of fun creating it. Still had some minor problems with good walking cycle (feet are sliding a bit), but in my next animation walking will be perfect - I figured out a good stride bone work-flow :wink: