Flower a Short Project

This is my first post to the forums. I am a newbie when it comes to 3D modeling; I’ve only been using blender for a few months. I’ve made a TON of projects but this has been the only one so far that I’m posting publicly.

I made it in a few hours last night, then rendered over night.

It’s a simple flower, and some grass practice with the hair particle system.

I’m posting to the works in progress forum because I feel that it is not done. It’s overly simple, even though I went for a mixture between realism and fantasy (Kind of like the game flower although that wasn’t my intention in the beginning).

I’m looking for tips and criticisms on anything (Especially compositing).


Based on some reference images:

and some wires (made entirely with blender rendered in cycles on 2000)

I appreciate your input!


the second image looks awesome!! however the studio one seems dull in my opinion, make the grass a bit shorter and add some variation, also the flower is not being properly lit, so add a light from the top, this would show some translucency!!

I did a few things…
I edited the material on the petals so they are more glossy and are slightly transparent.

And I put it into another vase just to see how it looks.

I like the clay pot but here is something that looks off about the material.
I used the same particle systems and scattered it a bit with weight painting; and i added some rocks.