Flower - Cubistisc style

Hey guyes.

This picture was drawn for a school project, and used in a presentation about a week or two ago. But just wanted to get perhaps some c&c from this great community :slight_smile:

Hope you like it :cool:

  • Sandalphon


This looks rather good! Nice combination of collors.
It is pretty simple to comment something more except: just a bit more light would be good… and I have to say there is a little white dot down in the middle :eek::eek::eek:

Thats an extremely interesting effect! very stylistic, I love it. 4 stars!

Interesting picture. The idea, colors, and shapes are good, but you need to work on the composition, it leads my eye right out of the picture.

maybe it’s just me, but the pic is waaay too dark. can’t discern most of the shapes, except for the one in the top-middle.

I agree. It’s a nice picture, but way too dark. Put a brighter light in the scene.

Hey guyes, thx for the c&c

Spacestrudel: wow! thx :slight_smile: Me happy… the dot is actually intentional :eek: :eek: :eek: I saw it when I was almost done, but decided to leave it. First of all to see how long it would take plp to notice, congrats you’re number one. Second, i intended it to be symbolic. Because the picture is now imperfect, like reality… But noone noticed at the presentation, so that didnt happen :mad:

free_ality: Wow^3! thx alot :smiley: Me very happy

Makin Bacon: Could you be more specific? I tried to make the flower the focus, but it was a bit hard since my teacher (correctly) stated that cubistic artist didn’t believe in seperation of foreground and background. So they have to blend a bit…

Lua: Besides the thing i’ve mentioned above, cubistic artist also hated shadows. Yes, they really didn’t like a lot… So the picture contains only AO. But i’ll add some more light post-pro and upload a new model when i get home from school.

Cuby: I wonder… why don’t cuby blend cubistic? :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: It would be so cool…:cool:

As promised, here’s a model thats a bit brighter. Hope you like it :rolleyes:

  • Sandalphon