Flower elf

This is my first character besides my teddy bear. She has taken a LONG time to do but I am happy with her so far. I still have to do the sky, ground, and floating petals. What do you think?


I can say one thing… shes not pretty.

I hate to put you down, but she looks more like a rat then an elf.

You are right she is not very pretty and I can see what you mean by more rat than elf. However I was not going for the typical elf. Just something I started as a quick character model that I thought I would see how far I could take it. I still like her even if she isn’t the typical elf. I also really enjoyed doing the dress and flowers too. Thanks for the feed back though. I will keep it in mind when I do my next character, and while I finish this one. :o

Aint nothing says fantasy folk have to be pretty! Just read Artemis Fowl!

I like the feet - Nice ankle definition. The face is a little difficult to make out though. Could we have a 3/4 view?

The dress is lovely and the flowers are nice too. But there seems to be a huge difference in quality between the head and the body. It took me a while to even sort out what her features were on the face. (Part of that’s the lighting, the two strong highlights on the cheeks.) Quite frankly, I have to view it as an elf wearing some kind of mask for the image to hang together. Kind of fits in with the pose, too, she’s doing some kind of ritual dance where masks are required.

There’s no particular requirement that she be a pretty elf, or that she look like someone else’s idea of what an elf is supposed to look like (probably derived from Hallmark or Hollywood anyway), but the whole must be consistent to be believable, and right now it’s not.

Personally, I quite like the fact that she has what looks like the head of a koala. Not only is it more original than the typical ‘Mr Spock in drag’ approach to elves, but the idea of mythological creatures having the bodies of humans and the heads of animals is not all that uncommon (look at ancient egypt, for example), so I myself don’t find it at all inconsistent. Having said that, I do agree that a bit more work needs to be done on the face to bring it to the same level as the body detail and quality-wise.

a bit more work in the eyes and ears and you have a beutifull flower ogre/elf/koala/…

Nice job

Nice! but were are her eyes??
And i would give the body texture a little less spec.
Thats all i think…

Here is the 3/4 view. I have been working on her neck and chin. I have done
a bit of work on her eyes but not finished with them either. What do you think so far? A side of being ugly :p.


Good modeling!

Her face still has a flat look. Except for the nose, all the features are on the same plane, and the ears are lined up with that plane as well.

Her mouth is flat. Since she has a jaw and chin, inside the head there is a jawbone the mouth should curve around. Defined cheekbones might improve the look, too.

3/4 view is a good idea. It’s a lot easier to tell what’s going on.

This is obviously very different from the stereotypical elf (long nose, pointed ears, black eyes…) The modelling is done well on the body, but the face? Not so great. You should try reading TorQ’s A Better Face tutorial (look in tutorial section). You might consider ditching the current face entirely after reading the tut.

Alden, thanks for suggesting TorQ’s tutorial, it was very informative. I see what you mean Orinoco, about her face being flat. I did not start all over on her face but I have tried to give it more depth. I also worked on her nose and lips. I will work on her eyes and ears next. How does she look now?


Nareese, now the head has some structure to it, it looks like its made of bone and flesh. It looks so much more real. She even has an expression, she looks sad. Probably its the angle of her eyebrows combined with the lowered position of her ears. I think if she smiles her ears ought to raise up a bit.

The outer edge of her lips still looks a little sharp, perhaps it should blend into the face more smoothly.

You’re making excellent progress!

I agree it looks much better now and it does look very sad. The only real crit I have is its skin… Its much too shiny at the moment. Other then that great work… BTW the dress and flowers look awesome.

All I had had time to do was her ears and a bit of her eyes, going for more content than sad. :)What do you think? Oh and thanks so much for all the help thus far. She is turning out so nice now.


Here is my latest work on my lil’ ol’ elf. The idea is a sandy area with a small creak river cutting through. The mats are no where near finished. Just getting feedback. Thanks


I always imagined her as a woodland sort of elf. I guess it’s all the green.

Ears look really good. You know what I’d like to see? More of the vine hair. Progressively shorter (and maybe with bigger flowers on the ends of the vines) so her head is surrounded with flowers. Give a flowery pink frame for the face.

Read through this thread…
Interesting “elf” idea you have got there. I like the imagination behind it most of all.
Wanted to comment that the dress looks great, are you using softbodies with that, or did you model it all?
The adjustments you have made make the head look much better, imo.