Flower elf

Orinoco, the idea is that she is doing this dance and calling forth the green things to grow. The next stage will be modeling the grass, flowers, and trees growing. So in the end the sand will be a woodlandish kind of place. Funny you should say you wanted to see more vine hair that is what my daughter said last night. Well she said she wanted more pink but I knew what she meant. I will give it a try and see what it looks like.

Soter, no soft bodies used. While I feel comfortable with what I do know in blender there is a HUGE amount I don’t and I am afraid softbodies is one of those things. One day I will learn that tool.:slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback!

Haven’t had a lot of time to work on this before this weekend but she has progressed a bit. What do you think? I am having trouble with the grass on the farthest bank (getting it to look real) any ideas? Any other comments or critiques are always welcomed. :slight_smile:



There’s a good grass tutorial over in tutorials. Might help. I think the background is too flat. Makes sense that she would pick a flat place to dance, but as the view covers more area on the far side of the creek, I’d think the ground would not be so flat.

i like the model, but the skin material is kind of dull and desaturated. have you tried brown in place of the gray? maybe turn up the reflection value a notch or two, and personally i’d take out most of the spec, or maybe use the ramp shaders to give the spec an rgb value. also, have you seen the gen3 treemaker plugin? you could throw a few trees in there.