Flower from Alaska sold on ebay for $12,000

I couldn’t believe it


it’s things like this that I wish some forums had a user ignore feature

Good thing I was watching, your link wasn’t pointing to the correct site, so I fixed it.

But then again, the item ID is invalid, so next time, try to pick a valid item for your joke


And my hopes were up, i could make a killing! :<

theeth, was it a trick url something?

I still remember that one guy who posted something like “check out my cool new animation” on blender.nl. When I clicked it, it opened up to a site that played the words “Hey, I’m looking at guy porno!” and showed huge… erm… gay pictures. I reset my PC before they word “Hey” was even finished and anyone in the room could look over…

Yeah just do a URL with the implied website but have the actual address another thing.

what did it point to?

curiosity will one day be the death of me…

It pointed to a site that stated that people clicking on the links are fools.
Obviously, this can’t be true (eh :P) so I pointed it to the right one.
Joke’s on him.


Even better, use this tidbit of HTML in the linked to page:

&lt;script type="JavaScript"&gt;&lt;!--
   document.url = http://www.therealsitelinkedto.com