"flower kiss" - animation test

I’ve started making a short film, and this is an early test sequence i did,
to test out the rigs. Please c&c all you want. I could use some tips
(especially on animating the plants, i’m a little lost).

Ha, that’s good!!! I love the jumping pot!

very cool, the timing on the hop is perfecto!

What was your method of rigging the characters? Lattice’s? Bones?

Thanks alot!

They’re rigged with bones:


not bad. the motion itself is quite nice.
but it’s too slow. so you need to speed up things a bit … especially on the guy that is jumping.


It is good, The rose would be nicer if you had some more light. Just increase the power of the light.

It is fine for me, Keep it up.

It’s good,specially rose is very nice,i like it very much,very cool thanks for sharing it…

The motion for me is good but I find the characters dull…it would be nice to add something that can emphasis the characters.


Just two things: a) the pot takes a little too long to take off after the… ‘wreath’ stretches out. b) adding some texture detail would go a long way.

This is cute! I love the diffused lighting.