Flower made of glass

I’ve finished this a long time ago but here it is
Please post your C&Cs


That is really nice model!colors are great. Only crit, maybe try sticking it in some kind of scene, like, abstract or something.
Nice Job Man!

agree with free_ality.

nice mod and colors too.

Heyyy… Nice. : ]

Wow Man Lookin Good!

I really like the flower.

But the butterfly is a bit flat and boring compare to the flower.

Looks nice. Add it to a scene, then it will be even more impressive.

Yeah, nice!

Update #1

Update cancelled at 26/11/2006

i love it, the first render is great and the second with the scene is equilly good

crits for second: a bit too much white for the reflections and the same for light shining through, there should be a bit of green to make the flower fit in with the scene around it

also given the atmoshperic mist, the flower is more saturated than the scene so a bit of tweeking on that and maybe a tiny bit of mist infront of the flower & butterfly to get the atmospheric feel spot on

great work

id personaly just leave it alone as it was

just for simplisity;s sake it looks good

a lot of people cluter their scenes but its hard to make something look as good as that is without anything else, simplisity is actualy harder to achieve then cluter

but thats just my opinion, great render


Good render but we don’t feel enough the environment on the flower ; )

Ok I am going to leave the flower as it was .The update is canceled