flower - newbie update No.2

(halibut) #1

Note: ANOTHER Update
On Page 2! :slight_smile:

Im just a newbie, so i know its not in the slightest bit realistic, but I was just wondering what people would think, any suggestions would be welcome :smiley:



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Note:Update On Page 2

(Idgas) #2

Hey that looks pretty sweet. You might want to adjust the values of you shadows. They don’t quit meet the object on the table legs. Also give your walls, floors and cieling a bubmp map and adjust the spec. Great modeling though :slight_smile: Only one other thing, the mirror reflection is off. looks like you rendered the scene and applied it to the mirror instead of using env map. I esspecially like the grass out the window.

Blend on blender dude 8)

(S68) #3


Materials look very Blender-Standard, like if you only played with colours, not with Spec, Ref, Etc…

Modelling is good expecially the curtains.

The Thing at the wall I assume is a picture of the room itself… nice idea, but this have already been done :stuck_out_tongue: Look this forum…

Of course Idgas is right on shadows etc.

Keep blending,


(digitalSlav) #4

if you are going to keep the curtains that way how bout something like a hooke or some fabric wrapped aroung it to keep them in the pulled back look.

(BMD) #5

Why is it that everyone says the’re a noob and yet it is better than i can do, and i have been using blender for 4 years? Am i that bad? :x

(VelikM) #6

Damn, I always like fishing for halibut, now I have to wonder if the one I’m reeling in may be a blender head. :o Nice picture.

(bmax) #7

just what s68 said, you’re not modifying the blender default materials enough, everything is a big too shiny…or is it just me?

(gr8hamster) #8

The Thing at the wall I assume is a picture of the room itself… nice idea, but this have already been done

WTF-IS WRONG WITH YOU?!?!?!?! who cares if it’s been done before? y don’t u just tell him that ppl have done images with a bloody table in it!!

geez if yer going to criticize someone… sound at least like you have some sort of artisitic knowledge, or hell, SOUND LIKE YOUR INTELLIGENT AND NOT A BLEEDING SNOB!!

I myself like the image!! And even though the picture of the current image in the background has been done… it does add to the k3wlness and creativity of the image.

I think though that ‘tmtechie’ is correct about some sort of fabric or hook to show how the curtains are being held apart. and ‘blendermax’ has a point with the walls being a wee too shiny…

sry if I sound like an @$$ - weird day

(S68) #9

When you quote someone, plese tell who are you quoting. I t makes discussion clearer.

I assume that you haven’t noticed the smiley in that sentence, telling that I was joking.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to delete/edit your post or lock the topic. I’m happy that the original poster did not misinterpreted my post.


(halibut) #10

Thanks for all the great comments and suggestions, i made the walls less shiney today, and added bumb maps to them.
Once ive added the curtain thingies, and maybe some more different flowers i’ll post the picture again. :slight_smile:

How do i adjust the “values of the shadows”?

Thanks everyone! :smiley:

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(sorry i didnt post this earlier, i forgot my password)

(S68) #11

Okie… post, post…

There are several tuning parameters.

BufSize. By default it’s 512, push it up, 2560!

Samples and Soft controls shadow… softness… so rise both

Samples 6 and Soft 12.0 might go (I recal theeth saying one can be up to the doublo of the other, but can’t recall which :stuck_out_tongue: )


If you’r ereally going for soft light you can go to the Q&A forum, browsw the current list of tutorials and search for SDoft Light, Global Illumination etc. etc.

Keep it up


(stephen2002) #12

looks nice. The materials and lighting need a lot of work.

One thing that I noticed is that your curtains are pulled back very nicely, but they are just holding themselves in that position. There are usually ties or something to hold the curtains like that.

(blengine) #13

haha @ gr8hamster… i see u are a fgorum newbie :slight_smile: maybe u should get to know the people here before u jump to conclusions geek :wink: s68 is far from a snob, he gives great advice, comments, and suggetsions and is always nice… he could have even blasted u for your ignorant comments but didnt… if i wasnt about to eat dinner, id mail u some chill pills, but theyll have to wait, im out of stamps :frowning:

very cool room! i like the general lighting but too much shine, which has been pointed out =)
an excelelnt job, maybe some wooden border where the wall meets the floor, and some general stuff like outlets could be added?
the refl;ection on the vase is ok, but i think it would look better as a creme colored porcelain vase(creme color, no spec)
your a newbie? this is muy amazing then :o

(gr8hamster) #14

a forum newbie to this forum… yes.
geek? no…
ignorant comments?.. no
mail me some chill pills?.. SURE the more pills the merrier!

they weren’t ignorant comments… suggesting to somone that wut they did isn’t neat and that they should be more creative is plain rude.
I’ve been to plenty of forums to know that!! Just because I’m a n00b to this forum doens’t mean I haven’t been around the bloody block!!

and besides… I kinda apologized for my ‘ignorance’ in that post… so BLAH!!

(blengine) #15

no no, ignorant isnt always a bad thing! it just simply means “not knowing something u should”… and u judged s68s comment without first getting to know what a cool dude he is first… textbook definition of ignorance, which once again, isnt always bad! =)

geek? no…

note the wink after my geek comment, that means im not being serious :stuck_out_tongue:


(gr8hamster) #16

oh wells,… U have a point… I am a newb and even though s68 may be a cool dude… I’ve had plenty of ppl ride me arse about something rediculous that it just bugs me to see others do it :frowning: Even if it’s from a cool dude who all like and love…

So here is my official apology…

I the Gr8Hamster hereby apologize to s68. I apologize to all who may of been affected in some way due to my comments. I also apologize to any animal life which may have been effected somehow also…

:smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:

Now that that’s out of the way. Post Post Post Post me wanna see!!

(theeth) #17

actually, I stole that from one of Dave Weese tutorials, but anyway, you got the order correctly. Soft should never be more than twice the value of samples.

About the flower pic, it’s a way good pic for a newbie, I remember doing stuff much worse than that myself.

I don`t have much suggestions to add though, they’ve all been said already :wink:


(S68) #18

Ok, don’t worry, let’s talk of 3D graphics eh? :slight_smile:

You left out us, the vegetables… :stuck_out_tongue:


(halibut) #19


this is the first update, i know not much has exactly been “updated”, but i tried!

heres what i did:
made most of the textures less shiney, and played around with all the sliders;
added bumpmaps to the walls/floor/table etc;
added the wall socket;
Changed the shadow values (softness, samples etc);
Added a skirting board;
And added “curtain holders”;

Now all i need is to think of something to plug in to the socket, any ideas? :slight_smile:

also, although the table looks as though its floating, its not! Im not sure whats wrong, is anyone else?

thanks for all the comments, :smiley:


(Xampersand) #20

Why not put a nice standing light in the plug? Or maybe a television?

Or of course, you could go for the absolutely bizzare and plug in a table saw.

Seriously, you should be proud of your work. The updated image is a big improvement over the first post, and the first post was pretty cool, too.

nice work on the grass!

If you do decide to go with a standing lamp, you can cast some pretty cool shadows on the table.