Flower Pine Design

Here is a Design I made in photoshop. (Ahhh the pictures are huge)


And I had a friend kind of challenge me to recreate it in blender so here is what I have right now.

http://mrmike.wordpress.com/files/2006/10/flowerpinescreenshot2.jpg http://mrmike.wordpress.com/files/2006/10/flowerpineintheworks.jpg

Looks good, and I understand the challenge aspect, but rather than (re)drawing by hand why not:

  1. subdivide a plane ~129 times.
  2. add your drawing as a texture.
  3. press the noise button in the Mesh Tools.
  4. erase the verts that didn’t move.
    It works, but you’ve got to sharpen the image, reduce to two colors, make the pine leaves and flower separate (square!) images. Oh, and it makes slightly jagged edges with a ton of verts (a ton? do verts have mass?).

Also, seems like there’s a tool/script (or talk of one?) that converts simple line drawings to a mesh or curve. Dunno, maybe I was dreaming.

Think that’d be cheating ^^ Cuz the chalange is to replicate it in 3d, isn’t it? :stuck_out_tongue:

And are those black holes supposed to be black, or is it just a modeling error? :slight_smile:

Looking good anyway ^^

Sandrew, I felt a little guilty for posting the idea for that reason (like I was helping him cheat), but I’ve changed my mind… All those tools are available in Blender, standard issue. Maybe we should blame the programmers for making modeling too easy!
OH 3D! I missed that part, but it’s easily fixed with step 5:
5. Extrude

If it’s a vector drawing in Photoshop, it should be possible to save it as an Adobe Illustrator file (.ai) and there’s an import script in Blender for that.

You’re using the wrong tools for this particular job, bezier curves are far superior for things like this, and much easier to edit later.

Hey guys thanks for all of the stuff you said but I just worked with what I had and did it the way I started with. I think I may go back and try it some of your ways I still need to work on it but here is a pic of it.


looks pretty good, but i agree with [email protected], beziers would have been much better to use.