flower project

the scene is at dusk. its a really horrible garden never taken care of. its ridden with weeds and horible other plants but right in the middle a beautiful blooming flower. title ‘Anything is Possible.’ here is my first render i used fiber to make the grass


c&c really wanted
the background is supossed to have a glare its just there to give a sense of enviroment i will fix that later

ok heres a nice update for you all i added the floweres stem and leaves still thinking about the blosom, if anyone has a nice texture i can add 2 the leaves and stem id be really nice if i could use it, i used the regular wood texture for the leaves 2 show you what looks decent out of the regular pre programed textures


please comment i need some feedback

It’s a little too dark for me to see clearly, and red grass :o. The grass modeling looks realistic enough.

its red?!?! uggg! sorry im color defitint so it look brown

No problem, your scenes are going to look different. Try adding some procedural textures (these are the choices under the texture button, such as voronoi) to the flower stems of the plant and try bump mapping (nor button in the materials window).