Flower - suggestions for materials?


I’m hoping for some feedback. I’m relatively happy with this but I’d like some suggestions about the materials.

First, let me go ahead and acknowledge the things I know are wrong. The petals are too uniform (already fixed in a more recent version) and there is no bleed through of light on the petals. That is the specific thing I’d like suggestions on. How would I build a good shader that would give some bleed through? I followed someone else’s suggestion and mixed a glass shader with an IOR around 1.8 and it looked ok (this version does not use that setup). But I wasn’t very satisfied with it. Any other ideas?

thanks for any input.

Maybe you could try BI for this particular render and use SSS.

i might suggest making sure you have ambient occlusion turned on all the way up to 1 and also that you have reflective lighting turned on.