Flower thingy -finished

Hi! Animations and inorganic objects have always been my forte. So, I’m trying for a still image of an organic object! here’s my flower, rendered with yafray. I know it could use some randomness and please don’t comment on the leaf texture, that will change.

edit: I’m thinking I’ll make this into a night scene… should I?

edit: worked on the water, reuploaded


i messed with the lighting to make it night, does anyone know why my normal texture for the water doesn’t work? its just a clouds texture… do they work with yafray?

the blendfile:


i like the idea.

i don’t think that noise or cloud textures work in yafray. iirc, that is.

keep working on it. remember, if you like it: it is good.

update: i decided to use a displacement texture, it displaces the mesh before sending it to yafray so the waves are there.

any crits on my lighting and what i can make more interesting?

(yes i know the farther water isn’t displaced, i forgot to up the vertice count)


little update, its starting to look good!!

ps, I’m using a light without shadow to get that glow on the flower but it makes that unrealistic spectral on the water because of the no raytracing… is there another wat to do this that wouldn’t do that?

also, does anyone have ideas to make it more interesting?

edit: fixed the water problem


update, messed with dof and stuff. I’ve also changed the leaves. with a little post pro this is almost done i think




ugh, and i was about to use it too. :frowning:

btw, what do you think, lines down the leaves or a more traditional leaf texture?

Like the scene!

One thought for additions, what kind of animal or insect is going to home in on this? I’m thinking some relatively huge beast of a bug to be (what looks like) that far out at sea, together with some (luminescent?) parasites perhaps? 8)

Also for the leaf texture, i’m seeing something bumpy, with trapped air to stay afloat?

Anyway, very good so far.