Flower Vase - "Petal" Material Difficulty

I’ve been trying to develop good materials for the petals and stem but nothing I do looks right. Right now the petals and stem look a bit like wax. Currently I’m using a combination of Principled node w/ SSS and Translucent node with a Mix Shader driven by a Fresnel node. Any advice would be appreciated.

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Try increasing the translucency?

This is the node setup I was using for the petals. Removing the Fresnel node and shifting the mix shader to 0.8 in favor of translucency slightly helped to remove the “waxiness”. However, I just noticed that the removal of the Fresnel node causes a large difference in shading between the preview and rendered material.

I have to split image uploads into multiple posts due to new user account restrictions.



I’m not sure how there could be such a large difference between them from simply disconnecting the Fresnel node.