Ok i start a post on a project that i expect to be able to finish.
here is an animated story board

and i post the first screen shot of the girl head
hope your interest will help me to release this summer

I am having youtube problems so I cannot comment on storyboard. Model looks great! Keep us posted!

I don t know how to texture bezier surface. Did someone know how to do I have bev op some cuves so as to do hair but i don t know how to set up uv and i also need head with the way to set up transparency. I do a png and i see the alpha but i cant gt it work. so pointing me on a tutorial on texturing hair in blender would be cool.

Give this link a try. The Klaus thread gives a fine example of how to use Blender’s current non-patched hair.

did static particle are usefull in animation or it s too time consuming? what would be the best option for an animation hair patch animated by hand? hair patch with soft bodies? or static particle by hand? or static particle with soft boddies (is that possible?)
if some people want to be involved in my project they are welcome. I d like to see how to make a project trhought internet.

I hav been working on the body. i should end this week end. i will xork on texturing then. the growing texture should be the biggest challenge. hope i will en in jully.

i try to append a blender file but once i click load library i see no new object in my scene. did i forgot something?

Try hitting the tilde key to show all layers - sometimes the appended object is hidden from view because the layer it was on in the source file is hidden in the new file.

Also, make sure you have selected the object in the append dialog; I usually highlight the object and click the mmb to append.

Good luck :slight_smile:

I have seen a tutorial on this and this is what you should do. Once you append the file. Add some sort of plane or cube or whatever. Then in object mode go to the Link And Materials part of the Editing panel. At the very top right you will see the name of the object. Click that and it will show more names. And one of them will be the appended object. Just click the name and it will show up in the 3D view. Hope that helps!

a little update and a question is ther a way of moving the pivot point interactively?
I will start to model the cloth tomorrow.
Then i will start the texture. I m not really happy with the hair. I will see later.

By rotate pivot point, do you mean the 3d view while you pan around with mmb? The options can be changed in user preferences to pivot around selected, and you can change which way this occurs.
If you mean to change the 3d cursor pivot, I usually use an empty to snap the cursor to, which I can move around with the n key panel or the translation widget before I snap the cursor. Works for the purpose.
Excuse if this is totally not what you were looking for.:slight_smile:

I added some cloth and tweak a bit.
I should start texture soon

I think it’s looking good - please do texture, as this will make it look so much better. I really like the blouse cloth-effect - is this a softbody, or a manual proportional edit? Nice. :slight_smile:

It s done by hand. cloth are not easy to do. i have done a more caricatural approach.
But as texture are good for both i will finish both project in parallel I m quite impress by the blender native render engine, when blurred reflexion and refraction will be add it will be a quite efficient render.I d like to try indigo but it don t work i got an import error : no module named os, any idea?

was busy to try a lot of things with blender so i lose some time on the model. I m fighting with the texture right now. and still tweak a bit the model.
as you can see on the render there is some artifact. Did someone know how to remove that?


Its that kind of white line


maybe head is too little compare to the body. (and I reaally think the neck is too short).

anyway good work so far!