Maybe I should start with something a little easier than halo 4 movie or a navigator or my own game. I am modeling a flower on some grass. I need some help though how do I get the grass to be almost soft inviting and kind of puffy?

anyways when I’m done with the scene I will post. I just figured i’de ask the question so I can have when i’m done.

Use z force in the Particle Motion panel (Particles buttons) to make the blades bend toward the ground for a softer look, use strand settings in the Links and Pipeline Panel (Materials buttons) to make the strands puffy.

ty ^^ oh and how do I add that soft look to my flower petals? Like when you pick a pedal how its soft and almost velvety.

ok well that didn’t work. how do I get the grass to be as thick as real grass? I tried adding as many particles I could but with a sculpted plane to fit the camera’s view it makes it look like inidivudally planted blades.

Adding randomness to the blades can help also use strand settings in the matiereals window allows you to make the fibers bigger at one end and can really fill out hair.

hey ty that helps alot

ok I have officially decided that I suck at grass and to not continue this wip sorry.

Don’t just give up. Post what you have, ask questions, read tutorials on particles. You have to keep trying to learn more. Then on your next project you will know more and be able to make a better pic. Don’t be embarrased or anything, most members will appreciate that you try.

So post what you have and maybe someone can reccomend things to try (like what was already done).


It’s not dense enough what does the biltmore estate have in their front lawn? I want it to that kind of soft spongy grass that’s real soft. It’s like not real hard grass like you really kind of lay on the ground not the grass soft. But it’s real dense and you can’t really see the ground.

I think a minnaert shader http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Manual/Diffuse_Shaders#Minnaert with a Phong Specular shader gives that feeling.

Ok here is a better reference for what im talking about http://www.sonoranluxury.com/Images2/Meridian%20Pics/Picnic%20Area.JPG

agree with that i do… and you’ve got to understand that lighting affects the look A LOT as well. :slight_smile:

oh sorry didn’t see the quote b4. I thought you were talking about grass and when I saw the page I was like this guy’s a nut lol but you meant the petals lol sorry. I’v decided to do the flower last get the scenery down first then the flower and then perfect it. I will keep that in the to do though.

soo yeaah I tried making it look like the grass in the image above and it looked like afro vomit.

Have you tried looking for tutorials on realistic grass or .blends?

[edit] Here’s a basic tut that has a decent result. Maybe you can learn something from it. - http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=68269&highlight=realistic+grass

Oh wowsah thanks a bundles this is exactly what I want! Sorry I thought that the particle thingy for realistic grass was the only tut.

Okay then well I don’t get the result like in one of the last posts I get just about the same thing except it’s green.

Okay well I decided to turn this project around. Instead of modeling just a flower and some grass I’ve decided to make an image of the codegeekers.net logo or my website and make an image like pikman 2 shot. Where the grass is squished down and there are flowers on the tips and it is in a form of our logo. So I am going to experiment with grass physics and use a completely transparent 3d model of our logo to press down the grass any ideas on how to get it transparent? I will then learn how to make a flower. Oh by the way thanks for the tut really it helped alot!