Hey everyone. I’m new to the forums and thought i’d post a render. I made this over two years ago when I was first introduced to Blender. Over the past month I have been refreshing my memory and getting back into the animation hobby. Here’s a piece of my work:
To see a short clip of the flower in 3D, download: http://www.whoppyarts.net/files/download/flower_vid.zip

I like the material, but add some shape to your flower. Put some more deatail. Leaves wd look good too :slight_smile:

I agree with Vova, maybe adding a bit of gass…

Oh com’on… You don’t have to be so harsh on a complete newbie… That was my first EVER Blender model…
EVER…I think it’s all right for a first piece of work with a program i’ve never used before. I appreciate the crits but that kinda kills the courage of exploring deeper into Blender. I know most people here have been around a while… so its okay to cut into their art like that… But a newb? Com’on…

Hey man, when ppl give you a crits it doesnt mean they dont like your work. What that means is - they want to help you to make it better :slight_smile: Please do not take anything personally , but accept as a help.

You are doing too good to call your self a newbie, man.

Take care