Tested some grass emitter stuff and a basic flower model

Let me know what you think :slight_smile:


the flower is nice, only the grass is far to thin. increase the ‘root’ under the strand tab of the material of the grass to make the base of the grass thicker then the top.

the flower looks realy good though, only try to save as png, so the quality of the image is better, and the flower clearer :wink:

Really nice execution.

I have tried modelling flowers few times and utterly failed, So I can say that’s a fine model. Could you share a wire frame?

On the critic part the DOF doesn’t look realistic.

The grass and DOF look fine to me. The flower is the one thing that needs some work.

The petals look too ‘flat plane’ they should have depth and texture to them. Lilys commonly have a rough and sparkily surface to their petals.

Other than that I would suggest zooming closer to the flower. None but an amature photographer would take a picture that far away from a flower.