A low-quality Blender flower made for a card to my grandmom :RocknRoll: .

for a low-quality flower quite beautiful. your grandmom will be glad about this :wink:

like boss you made your own card cover art. I shall do the same on mothers day xD

Maybe some grass?

EDIT: Clouds?

yeah i was going to but 1) my computer was very slow then, 2) ParticleSystems wouldn’t work for me, 3)I was still inexperienced and months later I do now know how to load sky textures, 4)I didn’t know how to use nodes well then, and 5) Her favorite color was brown anyway. Thank you for the feedback though, Guss, this year I am going to make it better.

personally, I think it would look tons better if you brought a little more ‘character’ to the scene. does’nt matter to me how you do it…
what matters is that your gran likes it;)

Yeah I didn’t know much about camera positioning or adding character. But she liked it, so that’s good.