Flowers - In Love With a Ghost ft. Nori

8 days!! Did you try a Renderfarm? I couldn’t sleep due the possibility Blender crashed.

no worries. they were rendered in image sequence. also, i dont have the budget to use a render farm for 6400 frames :joy:


Fantastic - absolutely loved this!


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Really nice setting LOVEit :slightly_smiling_face:

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Really nice setting LOVEit :slightly_smiling_face: How long did it take u to finish
the scence?

Beautiful work!
I love the very realistic look, and the video is lovely!
<3 <3

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total of 3 weeks: 2 weeks to make, 1 week to render. :slightly_smiling_face:

Beautiful and very nice <3

absolutely awesome!

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You have achieved your goal: relaxing, beautiful, accompanying the music, smoothly animated wallpaper, congratulations! :+1:
(BTW, I was a fan of animated wallpapers too and I was making my own 18y ago, not with CGI, but by capturing landscapes with motion eg ships approaching the port, clouds moving, etc with a DSLR on a hacked continuous burst mode at full resolution for 2-4 minutes straight each- that was before consumer HD cameras were available).

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