This is a private project but I could use some focused critique to improve it

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Hi, in my opinion it looks very good so far :slight_smile: but a little bit too perfect, how about adding some volumetric light rays from the window? Maybe some dust in the air? :slight_smile:


Agree with mpd, a little too perfect. Also the wood window sill is very flat (no reflectivity). Usually wood is stained and has some finish on it (gloss, semi-gloss, satin). Other than that, looks great.

Looks already very good. Have you tried changing image proportions to “vertical” more o less as example below? If you do so the window can be less wide and the upper curtain (don’t know the name) more up.

Curtains fold/wrinkles can be improved, maybe also the materials/texture.
Looking at lilac images on the web seems like you have to push the petal color more on the purple (and also add sepals and stem from flower to main branch, now they are floating…but that requires too much work to be redone i guess :wink: )
You can spread more that dirt texture on the window glass, not only on the lower part; maybe the effect have to be more subtle.
If you are looking for “photorealism” you can try adjusting light levels between indoor/outdoor and shadowed/lighted parts; i think there can be more contrast… flickr examples: link1 link2 .

the curtain closest to the camera looks wierd, and the wood texture need more details and bumps.

looks good so far, keep up the work.

maybe try adding some decorations to the wall, it looks a bit boring at the moment.

Nice relaxing image, and good composition. I do agree with finalbarrage about the curtain on the left in that it appears:

  1. Too sheer.
  2. Too uniformly sheer. I think the angle alone will affect the uniformity of the light passing through it. You may want to explore a texture map…


thanks ! I will try applying some of your advice today and share the results soon.
The project was a simple time limited flower excercise just for April
but I started to raise the bar higher as it developed
great task to learn more…

I remodelled the curtain on the right and added some more textures to all the surroundings
also some slight improvements to the flowers
and added the leaves…

Very pleasant image.

I like the flowers particulary.

The vase looks too knlean and for this reason not as realistic as the rest of the image.

The cloth under the vase fold is too sharp.

I think this is a nice render. Flowers look very nice. Only crit I would have is, I’m looking at the window sill and the window frame. It just seems to me that the sill is aged/worn but the frame seem pristine. Generally they would be similar in appearance.