Flowing Hair

This is Kilo.

He can sing. He can dance. Or at least he’ll be able to dance once I give him a body. But anyway, right now, he needs hair. Drawing it won’t be a challenge…it’s long, thin, and stringy, i.e., he won’t have more than like twenty hairs. But I need to give them character. I was thinking of using subdivided meshes with armatures over them, but of course, this would require alot of tedious micro-managing to make them move the way I want them to. Are there any tricks, scripts, etc, to make good flowing hair? Any help will be GREATLY appreciated! Thank you.

well, there is one plugin for hair ( ripstings fibre script ) and one on the way, ( beast ) , however, neither of these things can animate it for you. We have no such dynamic behavior systems in Blender. So,…if the hair has to move, you are going to have to tell it where to go. Best bet is an armature or a lattice. Good luck.