Flowing Hair

I recently saw a piece in the critique page that featured an amazingly textured lion with particles with vectors turned on for a lengthy lion’s mane*. I am creating hair also and making it static is simple, but how would i go about having it wave and lag behind, as grass looks when the wind blows through it?

i know somebody must know…

i suppose you would use guides, and animate the guides. select your guide curve, go into edit mode and press ‘I’. choose ‘curve’. now tab back into object mode, go ahead a few frames, go into edit mode, type ‘I’ choose ‘curve’, etc.

you expect a response in 45 minutes?

the answer is by working very hard on it, blender doesn’t have dynamics for this kind of thing

there is the fiber script, but if you get one of the most recent 2.40-alpha 2 builds you will get to play with the new particle hair features which let you define curve guides…

then it is up to you to make the curve guides move how you like [I think you can use hooks and slow parents, like the OLD technique with armatures slow parents and meshes…]

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