Flowing Poly Hair

Hello everybody! I believe this is my first hello in the Test topic of the forums :stuck_out_tongue:
leme’ know if this is the wrong place :stuck_out_tongue:

So i’ve been working on some cartoonish/anime-ish characters in blender and they are probably the coolest things i’ve ever made :slight_smile:

Recently i learned how to give the character a cape with cloth simulations and cloth pinning with vertex groups.
The idea came to make that maybe i could use a cloth simulation with pinning on the hair to make it move around too!
(where as what i’ve often see people do in the past is make armatures for the hair and animate them manually O_o )

I think it came out alright, i might have to remove a few pins from the vertices but i was excited to see this test which is actually also the first fully rendered animation using my new character :slight_smile:

How’s it all look? :slight_smile:
(Background is just an image)

looks ok to me !! nice work expect we’ll be seeing more now you get it nailed well done

You got it! :wink: more will certainly come!
This guy along with some other characters have a bit of an adventure ahead of them :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: