Fluent - Hard Surface Modeling Tools

Hi, it’s time to create a Blenderartist topic for Fluent which launched in February.
Fluent is a modeling add-on focus on non-destructive workflow and easy editing way.
I developed it with one line : easy to use and easy to edit.
More video on my YouTube channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5wQifaWffrZr_2nMUD_qVQ


This looks great.

-How your addon deals with multiple bevels?.., i mean, if i do a couple of boolean cuts with a certain level of bevel and then the next boolean cuts i want another level of bevel and so on…

-Can i select more than one object and make a boolean cut to then at the same time?


Been watching your videos for a while. You have done an amazing job with this. I’ve never really liked the crazy Hardops UI/workflow design. This looks so much more slick and artist friendly.

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You can’t cut mutltiple object at the same time. But it’s an idea, I keep it in my idea box.
Fluent work with 3 bevels. First bevel is a bevel with a vertex group for the plan, second bevel is an angle bevel after the solidify and the last bevel is another angle bevel.

Thanks for the answer.

About the multiple bevels. With Fluent workflow you just have one bevel after all the boolean cuts on the mesh…, right?.., but what about if i need a more wide thick bevel after some boolean cuts and then a very small bevel for other boolean cuts that could be small details where the bigger bevel will not work?..

I know that i can just go to the modifiers stack an arrange the bevels after specific boolean modifiers but it would be nice to have it with your addon to have a more efficient workflow which is essential…

Yes, there is only one bevel that completes the list of Boolean operations. I understand your request because I also thought about it at the time of conception. It is a choice I voluntarily made for two reasons.
First Fluent works around a template of modifiers. Why? The vast majority of operations are always similar combinations. That’s why Fluent is fast and easy to use : a lot of thing is premade.
Finally, after having observed many models, I noticed that the bevels due to the cuts are the same all over the room. This seems logical because in reality the last bevel is due to the global finalization of the object.
So it was by comparing utility, frequency of use and simplicity of use that I made my decision to keep a fluent and easy to use add-on.
Anyway, I see you’re analyzing things quickly!

mmm…, i personally don´t like to always constraint my objects to just one bevel for all the cuts because there may be very big boolean cuts in conjunction with very small tiny cuts in the same object. However is true that some objects just need one bevel at the end for all the boolean cuts. It depends on the object and the workflow though.

Anyways, i have seen several of your Fluent videos and it looks amazing with fantastic tools and workflows, if i include the Fluent addon into my tools i guess i can manage the bevels my self in the modifiers stack when i need it.

Obviously you can. Fluent manage and make modifier use easier. The modifier stack stay here and you can ajust what you want when you want.


My 2.80 is 4 days old. Installed Fluent 1.1.3 and played for an hour. Lots of problems, many tracebacks key and mouse not responding. Spacebar does not validate, and get locked into the fluent mode and can’t get out. What am I doing wrong? Just tried 1.1.2 same issues

My bad, I see I not changed the key on the screen… (-_-) In Fluent 1.1.3 validate screw profil is with right click…Today I work on feed backs to fix classic errors after an important update. Thanks for your help.

Fluent was updated to 1.1.4 version.

  • Screw bug correction
  • I forgot to change the text from “Space” to “Right click” to validate the screw profile
  • Introduce a button in fly menu to flip normal when we use a screw
  • Now you can use F during the edit mode
  • Custom font size in preferences
  • Custom hightlight color in preferences

Does Fluent have a workplane option or do objects automatically snap to a workplane. Looks like a great addon. I will purchase it soon.

Hi, excuse me I don’t understand your question. What do you mean about “workplane” ? Fluent allows drawing on plane.
Maybe this video about full modeling can help you.


Bought your addon. Thanks for the link.

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I’m liking your addon. Thanks.
However, I have one question. Can’t find a way to make the grid workplane to rotate as I want, just snapping on X, Y and Z. Any advise?

EDIT: ok, nevermind. I do have to hold and move the mouse. Maybe some of tip on this would be good.

Fluent 1.1.5 release and with it a complete modeling tutorial step by step !


I reworked the bevel tool of Fluent :blush: I continue to test it before the next update next week. Vintage style is a good topic to try it.
I hope you will like this rework and the new UI of the bevel tool. So fluent of course !


I can’t believe I didnt know about this addon before! Will be trying it and following your videos. Thank you!

I just downloaded Fluent and am trying to get it to work with my scene, but I can’t appear to draw anything larger than a grid square. Is there a bug with the newest blender?

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Hi dgk777,
excuse for the delay but I was in holidays :wink:
When you use the grid, you can draw only on it. But the grid is an option, you can draw without the grid.