Fluent - Hard Surface Modeling Tools

Do you have any plans to support the Industry Standard keymap in the future? Unfortunately the modals of Fluent block a lot of hotkeys which makes it quite unusable :frowning:

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I find it very usable. What hot keys are you missing?

I am not able to move/rotate boolean objects while in the Cut modal, because left-click is assigned to the menu so it can’t be used with the manipulators, and W and E don’t pass through so you can’t change the transform mode. Maybe it’s because of my own keymap, but I would assume this affects the industry standard as well.

The cut or other modals are just for that purpose. After you make your cut/slice/inset whatever, then you complete with right click. After that you can show the boolean and rotate it any way you want.
I’m not sure what W and E you are talking about, I’m not familiar (and I looked at the keymap) not seeing any transform with those letters. I know E is for extrude in edit mode, and W is for selection with circle. As for ‘industry standard’ there is a Blender standard that the developers follow, and maybe the industry follows Blender, but Blender is Blender and does not follow anybody else’s standard. They develop how they see is the fastest way to use this software. They only caved once that I know of and that was to left click select. (But that’s a whole other topic).

You can move and rotate your booleans fine with the default Blender keymap in the Cut modal, it’s a much better experience.

W = move, E = rotate, R = Scale. I don’t want to get into the endless keymap war, but Blender ships with the industry standard keymap, it’s not something that is only supported by a few lunatics, it’s an official keymap and I wish add-ons would consider it. Honestly none of the modeling add-ons (boxcutter, speedflow, hardops, fluent) support it without having to fix some modals keymapping in the code. I wish Blender would support Modals keymapping in the UI, that would help a lot.

Anyway, I looked at Fluent’s code and can hardcode my own keymaps, however the code could be more friendly to allow for it (like a separate mapping file). Let’s see what Rudy will say about it :slight_smile:

My problem with fluent in fact that it works in perspective but i prefer working in ortho…

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You can work in Ortho in Fluent. ??

Yep, exactly, im talking about ortho not about side view



You can edit in Ortho.

Vid for your pleasure.

thats how cutters should work in ortho
same way they do in persp

By default, when you are in ortho, Fluent aligns the cutters to the view and not the faces.

Rudy is working on a new update, why not come to the discord server and make a request for a way to cut in orthographic view? He may be able to make it work like that too.

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