Fluffy Armature (need help)

I have a little teddy bear creature, and it is rigged up with armatures. When i make an animation, all the fur on its entire body starts to freak our and wobble. How can i keep this from happening? It was made in blender 2.37 if thats any conselation. Also, is there a way to create nurb models out of polygon models?

I don’t know exactly the problem but I would say to start using 2.4. The armatures and particles have been updated a lot since 2.37.

The particle fur might do funny things when the mesh moves if you have the particles emitted evenly throughout the whole mesh (instead of even # per face) - when the faces near armature joints distort, the particle system recalculates so that an even number of particles is always distributed.
The problem with cchanging to even particles per face is that small faces have much denser particles than large faces.