Fluffy the cat in her cafe

I have a new character for a series of cartoon shorts I want to do. Meet Fluffy. She runs a small diner in the heart of a small town.

I do have a question when turning the hand as in twisting the wrist to open a doorknob, how do you turn the hand? From the wrist, or from the elbow?

In the attached picture I turned the hand from the wrist, and you can clearly see the twist at the wrist. When I’ve tried it from elbow I get a noticable twist there. I’m not a fan of either.

I got to thinking would it make sense to add a wrist bone and another bone in the forearm just so I could better emulate twisting the wrist. On this character that seems like overkill, but if I were looking for realism, maybe I’d try that.

Anybody got thoughts or advice?


Use a segmented b-bone for the fore arm, of course this depends upon the design of the rig. Here’s a tutorial describing it:


Thanks for the tutorial link. I have not made the jump to 2.5 yet. It looks like constraining the twist to one axis is new I 2.5. Maybe it’s time to make the upgrade.