Fluid animation - fluid object stretches through obstacle

I was trying to animate an melting ice cube by having a cube of liquid slowly spreading in a container. My problem is, that the cube has weird glitches. It stretches into a shape it shouldn’t and also goes through my obstacle (container). I found a post with a similar problem, but the recommended fixes there didn’t help me.

This is how my water object looks like (ice cube in a pot):

And this is what happens when i start the simulation:

When i extend the domain to be bigger than the pot (y and x axis) the liquid glitches through the obstacle and expands until it hits the edge of the domain. It always deforms in only one and the same direction every time (along the x axis).

Here is what i tried to fix it:

  • Changing the cubes volume initialization to “shell”. This solved the glitching part but then the animation looks unrealistic because the cube is not melting but rather collapsing. It also started leaking through the bottom then.
  • Increasing the resolution of the liquid. This made no difference
  • Changing the size and location of the fluid object (ice cube). This didn’t change anything

Does any of you know how i could fix this issue? I’ve been trying for the past 2 days to fix this problem playing with every value that came to my mind but i still couldn’t get it to work.

This is my .blend file:

Fluid_simulation.blend (5.07 MB)