Fluid animation : troubles with 'reverse frames' and 'offset' parameters

Hello everyone !

I work on a fluid animation and I have some troubles with the ‘reverse frames’ parameter.

When reversed, the animation begin with a two frames offset even though ‘offset’ is set to 0. And both during playback and rendering the animation cut two frames before the end. When the current frame correspond to the last frame of the baked cache, I guess.

When I apply an offset, the reversed animation begin with the chosen offset plus the initial two frames offset but it cut at the same frame than the former configuration.

baked cache : first frame rendered = 0 ; last frame rendered = 611
reverse enabled, no offset : first frame rendered = 2 ; last frame rendered = 612
reverse enabled, offset = x : first frame rendered = x + 2 ; last frame rendered = 612
reverse enabled, offset > 612 : nothing is rendered

I need to set the offset to 644 and have the whole reversed animation.
Does someone know if I made something wrong?

Thank you for your time.