Fluid bake on 6 cores

so…I have a hexcore processor, which is great for my render times and baking, except that the grid based fluid solver doesn’t run on 6 cores. In all versions of blender across both ubuntu and windows 7, it has errors, such as the top surface of the fluid dissapering and it crashing, or the fluid randomly spreading over the walls ofthe domain, and crashing the simulation.

The only way I can bake fluid, is to use an experimental build of blender 2.54 that only uses 1 core for baking, and is 17% the speed.

so, my question is, how can I get it to bake correctly over 6 cores, or is it possible to build blender so the fluid sim uses only 4 cores.

I have the same problem…

Getting a build with OpenMP enabled (from graphicall.org) will give multithreaded support for some simulations.