Fluid Bake Problem

I am going to crazy :spin:some think rung in Fluid Bake he don’t won’t to continue Baking :smiley: stop after around 85 frame special wan I up the resolution to 128 in 50 is ok and the project not complicated 4 , day 2PC and many tray one on night and one on day no way he stop (not shut down or claps jest stop) :confused:
any help
Thanks :cool:

How much RAM does your computer have? What operating system are you using? Are you running any other programs in the background?

It sounds like you are running out of RAM. When you input your resolution, Blender tells you how much RAM will be needed to carry out the Bake, and if it is more than you have installed, you have to go to a lower resolution. I guess using the number Blender gives you, looking at your available resources in Task Manager or System Monitor, take an educated guess at the amount of RAM you have to spare and adjust your resolution accordingly. Let us know what happens!

Samas, I have NO idea what you just said…

Your baking problems should be in Support section, not here.

Please translate it into English.

If I understand, I think your problem may be related to hardware, as Hunkadoodle said. If are doing some more complex simulation, some frames might take a bit longer to compute, lack of memory slows it down even more.

No offense but what is this doing in the news forum?