Fluid bleeding through obstacles among other problems

Hello everyone,

I’ve been trying to run an advanced fluid simulation but keep on having this problem where the baked fluid simulation would bleed through an object, such as a pipe (shell). Here’s my .blend file:


Any help would be greatly appreciated. My objective is to have the green fluid to NOT melt through the pipe and reach the tank where it would then collide with two cone objects.

I think you might be expecting too much form our poor little fluid simulator. It is best if you think of it as a little fluid simulator because it only has a 10 meter range at best. Also, flowing through pipes is better done using fluid particles rather than the fluid simulator. Try removing the curved pipe from the simulation and just place your inflow right at the end of the pipe.

Actually, I might just try out fluid particles instead. Thanks for the suggestion Atom.

Some tips from your scene.

  • Make your domain as small as possible, yours is bigger than it needs to be.
  • Your fluid resolution is way way too small.
  • Don’t think the rendered obstacles and fluid obstacles need to be the same object. Use lower poly proxys for the fluid obstacles, then render with high poly beauty objects.
  • Also frig it by reducing the diameter of the pipe slightly to overcome the slightly larger diameter fluid from the simulator.
  • Ensure all objects have their scale cleared before baking (Ctrl+A)
  • For the fluid inflow use something like a low res uvsphere and give it an initial inflow velocity in the appropriate direction