Fluid Control Isn't Following My Timing Commands?

Hey there people. I am making a montage of various blednder animations for an art class, and I ran into a problem. For the scene, I want a medium sized water chink to fall on a control sphere, wait a few seconds, then drop to the ground, however, my problem is, is that in the control sphere (physics>fluid>control) I am trying to figure out how to make it stay active for about 2 seconds, then drop. In the properties area for the control sphere, I made the start time 0.000, and the end time 2.000, but the water particles just keep being pulled into the sphere. Any help? THANK YOU MUCH!!!

– Kimzey

The problem statement is not very clear, but if you look at the classic fluid control demo (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WruTNnF6Ztg) where the magician is lifting a watery duck out of the water, it hovers, then splashes back, I have achieved similar results by keyframing both the Attraction Force Strength and the Velocity Force Strength settings under the fluid control object’s physics. When the strengths are greater than zero, the fluid sticks to the object. When the strength changes (animates/keys) to 0, the fluid falls off the object. It takes alot of tweaking of other settings to actually get the fluid to go where you want, but I assume you have done that and are just asking about how to get the fluid to drop off.