Fluid Control Time?

Does anybody knows how the time in the fluid control is related to the general frame time in blender??? The time there can only adjusted between 0 and 100, but what can i do when i want to turn the fluid off after the 100. Frame?

Fluids are to complex to try it out, aren’t they?

Fluids aren’t too complex to try at all. They are actually pretty easy to work with (if your computer has the memory).

Turning off the fluid for an inflow object (like turning off a tap) is done using the Active Ipo curve. If the Active curve is above zero, the fluid will flow out of the inflow object, if the Active curve goes below zero, the flow will stop.

You can find a lot more information about fluids and other simulations in the book in my sig. Take a look at the teaser video posted, to get an idea of what’s in there.

The time unit is in seconds, not frames.

Thank you for this information i guessed it could also be something like percent…

But now i will try it out, 100 seconds should be enough as long as we dont have quanting computers :eyebrowlift:

Sorry, I completely spaced out on what you were asking!