Fluid demo very impressive

Do you know if this was made with Blender? It has mancandy?
2ndly how do you do this?
this is a big file should save it to your hard disk… Maybe the owner could put it on google video???

Could you atleast give us a hint as to what it is before we go to the trouble of downloading the 60MB video???

Nils is the author of the fluid simulation code, and the creator of those videos,


sorry I have high speed. I want to people to see for themselves. I did warn it is a big file…

So if you don’t want to know before you see it don’t read below.

Spoiler… most impressive parts are the water horse running… and mancandy pulling water ducky out of water. And a pool of water that animates into a man standing there. Kind of like a reverse Terminator 2 effect.


except you linked to the wrong avi file for those demos - instead you linked to the ones showing moving domains and 2d coupled with 3d simulation.

For the mancandy animation that is here



ok thanks, for the updated link. I see now its a reverse of the water simulation. You use the object as a inflow and run the sim then run it backwards. Clever…