Fluid Designer?

Has anyone heard anything about Fluid Designer recently? Have you used it? If so, what’s your opinion of it? The last time I looked at it (like a year or two ago) it seemed very “work in progress.” I checked back recently but it still seems a little “under construction.” Thoughts?

Its a good source for materials and models. Theres plenty that you can append from its blend files. such as furniture items, roofs and miscellanious household items. as well as doors and windows.

There are plenty of materials too, from wood to plastics and glass.

It’s definatley useable in the form it is in now, but i dont run the fluid designer software , i just append groups/objects or materials from the various blend files that come with it.

If you don’t know where to append the files from, you can find them like this -

Open the fluid designer folder, then open the version folder (Will say 2.74 or 2.75 etc)
Open the scripts folder, then open the addons folder.

In here you will find the four folders that you can append from, grouplib, objectlib, worldlib and materiallib

I’m sure other people may find it easier to use as standalone software, but this is my prefered way of accessing its resources :slight_smile:

Hope this was helpfull :smiley: