fluid doesn't care perfectly obstacle barrier

Hi, I am trying to design a glass with a juice splash coming out, but when I bake the fluit inside the glass, fluid appears at the surface of my glass, please see the screen shot below, whereas it shud be all inside? I couldnt figure out where I am making something wrong, help pls:eek:

You need to increase final resolution and set Viewport Display to final.

ok, i did put the view to final, but it still in a very bad condition, maybe i need to change something else?

Try this video out, @ideorium (:

If you are using the same mesh for collision and rendering then you are doing it the wrong way. Typically you have two objects for simulations. One is a lower resolution version of the render mesh that is used for collision only. Just scale it a little bit smaller than the hi-res render version. Or take what you have for your cup and scale it up a bit.

thanks alot, this video became very helpful indeed