Fluid Domain

Hi all,

I was following a tutorial with liquid, and the person in the tutorial created a cube to be the domain of a simulation. When he made the cube the domain, it stayed as a cube shape. However, when I tried to make my cube a domain, it instantly became liquid. I ignored this and kept following the steps, only to see that the simulation totally ignored both the container of the liquid and the mesh I had actually set to be the liquid. Why does blender think the domain is the liquid, and why does it not see that I have an object that I set to be the actual liquid of the scene?


Maybe what you have seen in the video was just the boundingbox of the domain.
But its normal, that the domain becomes fluid after baking!
Just unbaked you will see it as cube.
If you want to see a box around you simulation you have to add a new cube.
Maybe it works with enabling the visiblity of its bounding box, but im not sure.

The thing is, it became fluid even before I baked. Plus, the object I set as liquid was completely ignored, and the object I set as a container was also ignored.

I’ve been playing around with it even more. It looks like the problem is that the fluid is baking wrong and starting half outside the container, even though the object that’s set to the fluid is entirely inside the container. I’ll post a screenshot so you can see what I mean.

Hi jsjrocks, yes the domain itself will become fluid and for keeping fluid in the glass you should set the glass as an obstacle for fluid, you can do that by selecting the glass and then going to physics>fluid and then select obstacle from the list.
Check this blend file if you didn’t understand what I meant-Fluid.blend (665 KB)

Try applying the scale and rotation, removing and adding again the fluid properties on the floor object and container, then baking again.
It looks like you have another simulation already baked in you computer, and blender it’s using it to display the simulation, to exclude that, simply change the baking path.

The fluid object is merely a data holder for the initial state of the liquid. The domain itself is the simulation, and becomes the liquid when you bake. That is the correct behavior.

As for the misplaced floating liquid Thanzex is probably correct. Unapplied object scale and rotation on fluid simulation members causes weird behavior. Ctrl-A to apply rotation and scale on every object that’s part of the simulation, domain, obstacle, fluid, etc.

Okay, so how do I apply transformations?

Like that.

Haha sorry I missed that. Thank you so much!!!