fluid dragon and silk

Here are some of the things I did recently that I would like to show you guys.
The first is a job for an aids documentary. I am not to blame for the artistic direction, but for the technical problems.
The second is a test I did yesterday on fluid control. The mesh, render, shader, everything was done quicly just to test it. What took a long time were the simulation tests. I learned a lot and it can be greatly improved, I guess. If I had the time to spend with this…

Anyway, feedback would be welcome
Everything is blender, except the water, wich is yafray for speed concerns

the silk render

the dragon render


That is so awesome!

The Dragon render is seriously awesome, thanks to the fluid control feature in Blender.

Nice materials too.

Thank you both!

good job i really liked the dragon concept and animation… great colors and mood…
parabens cara! não sei se você tá lembrado mas agente já se falou numa outra conta que eu tinha quando tava começando, seus fluidos tão indo muito bem…! parabens :smiley:

Awesome,awesome to the max :smiley:

Wow…just wow… I have no idea how you did this, I dont even know where to start.

JoaoYates, thanks, but the mood was not planned. I just got any hdri that would work. If I get time to develop this, I hope to make some renders like yours. E desculpa, mas eu não estou lembrado. Era aqui no blenderartists? Seja como for seus renders estão fodas.

sketcha, have you ever used fluid control?
I just created a pool and modeled and animated quickly and dirty the dragon. Then I set him as fluid control and blender did the rest.
Excepet for the radius size, wich I made smaller, and I had to remake the dragon model in a lower polygon version.

Very nice! Could you give us the settings for the water material? how did you get it into yafaray? I am really curious about using fluid sims… Also for the blur… how did you do that? Did you use vector or just mblur? Thanks in advance

I was just thinking… Maybe you could make a tutorial, or a step by step of how you did this. That would be really cool, all the way from modelling to setting up the fluid sim, to lighting and rendering. That would help me lots, however don’t go out of your way to do it, just a suggestion…

Well, I would like to do a tutorial, but I would probably not get in this exact result, since I used this to learn myself, and I would not have the time to do it step by step right now. Pherphaps when I attempt to do this again, witch I plan to, but that will take some time.

Meanwhile, you could take a look in the file I am sending. The thing is not really complicated. I have the low poly dragon with an animated armature in one layer set as fluid control, on the other I have the domain with a considerable size for blender possibilities, 3 meters (I wanted it bigger, but blender fluids just can not create the illusion of size properly and it does affects a lot the simulation times), and on the other there is the pool from where the dragon would emerge.

The time was a little low, 1 second for 150 frames, because I wanted to see some splashes with the dragon coming quickly (all that in one second in the simulation world is fast). It did not turned out great, because the slow motion fluid do not look like water. It is a problem to find a sollution later.

The yafaray part is the easy one. If you have it installed, you just set the material of the fluid like any other object, setting it as glass with 1.33 ior. If you push to render an animation, it animates like anything else…kind of. It is buggy to render fluids. Some time it crashes. I had to render it in windows because in ubuntu it was crashing.

The blood shader I animated in blender. Much slower then yafaray, and worst, but I am more familiar with blender and I had to re-render it in blender anyway, to get the speed vector for the motion blur.

The motion blur was post proccessed from yafaray in blender. I used the speed vector generated by the blood render to create motion blur in the yafaray rendered .pngs

Unfortunately the file with the nodes has no animation because I did some stupid savings from 2.5 to 2.49 to test. The animation gets lost when you do this. But if you are note familiar with nodes, I can give you the file without the animations.

That is it. You asked about modeling, but I am a terrible model, rigger and animator, as you can see by the problems in the file (terrible terrible skin and rig), so I am not the one to teach those things. There are many tutorials out there. There is nothing special in this case, except for the poly count. Keep it low

I hope it helps.


anim.blend (269 KB)

would rock to see fire coming out of a water dragon. - great renders

I am planning something a little bit different.
A fire dragon and a water dragon colliding.

I just have to have time to play with blender 2.5 smoke system. I still haven´t got time for that.

Thanks a lot for the little info, downloading the file now! =) Looking forward to your next piece…

Thanks for the file Guismo! Ive been playing with fluid control since I saw your animation and this should answer a few more questions for me :smiley:

I especially like the dragon, it’s very good!

And Sketcha, if you have any problem, just tell me.

nice work

i would so love a tutorial on this. my Comp teacher wants me to show him my skills in blender, cause he thinks that 3ds max beats blender. and i cant find a good enough tut anywhere to complete my dragon animation.

wow. i found the dragon render on youtube a while back. i can’t even get water to sit still for me let alone creating a shape and all that. it’s awasome