Fluid Dynamic Help?!

Thru personal experimentation, I have learned quite a bit about the fluid simulator in Blender 2.45 (the only reason I’m stilling using this program is it is the most up to date that will run on my Windows 98 until I get a new computer) and have been able to set up complex setups with multiple obstacles, etc.

My problem is this, how do I set up a scene where I can have the fluid interact with moving objects, for example, glass in a cup of water that falls over (and the water spills out) or water that carries objects (like a low-res character mesh) with it??? Also, how do I set up a splash…like when an object contacts with the water and makes a splash of water droplets???

I’ve looked hard for tutorials on this but none show me how to do it or hardly cover moving bodies in fluid. I’ve also experimented with moving objects via Ipo curves and baked ipo’s from the physics engine and setting these objects to noslip settings, but the water seems to just ignore it.

I hope this .blend helps you!According with your system it created with Blender2.45.:yes:
Only press BAKE-button at the Fluid Simulation panel.Blender will calculates simulation … after that choice frame and F12.
Look here:
The elements in simulation interact each other!
Obstacles: ice and glass (Blender calculates simulatinn according ice movement.If you set some corrections must Baking again)
Inflow:the obj where fluid come in…
Outflow: the “table”
Domain: area where Blender calculate Fluid Simulation

All the best!
p.s.At the bottom of Fluid Simulation panel set current path to the directory where Blender will write fluidsurface_final_NNNN.bobj.gz-files
For more reality in matetial settings(F5) for Domain(Cube-obj) uncheck Ray Mirror button (Fac under the Ray Transp-btn will be good to set 2) and set ZTransp in Links and Pipeline panel


WineBlender245.blend (281 KB)

hey thanks, i was beginning to think no one was going to help a 2.45 question. I’ll check out those files.