Fluid filling up from bottom?

Hey there I have a simulation animation to do of a container being filled with water from the bottom, I’ve tried to do it (see file here fluidUp.blend (574 KB)) but the water level only reaches so high when I really want it to fill to the top.

Is there something I’m missing?

Thanks in advance.

Make the inflow object a coarse thin cylinder that rests at the bottom of the cup. it’s radius should be about the size of the cup, only a little smaller in diameter. The Z value of the inflow should be positive, not negative because you want to flow up. The end time should be the length of your animation divided by your FPS. You have it set to 30 seconds for a 250 frame animation try setting it to 5.


Thanks Atom,

but that didn’t seem to work, the flow didn’t rise much further than the inflow cylinder.

Aren’t cylinders the most unreliable of objects to use for a fluid simulation or did I read that wrong somewhere?