Fluid Flow Animations

I have, for my job, modeled and animated some fluid flow simulations for a client. The client really likes them, and I think that I’ve got a pretty good grasp on the fluid stuff, but I do still lack some critical skills. I really don’t know how to “tell a story” (according to my boss anyways), which to me means that while the fluid work and modeling (in some cases, not all) is pretty good, my skills as far as texturing, lighting, and animating (timing in particular) are poor. Included are four different videos, made over the span of a few weeks. I was wondering what (simple, or relatively simple) things I could do to add “life” to the animations. Also, in the multi-chamber video I am aware that the soda can is not textured, I just have not had a chance to re-render yet.

Note: I just uploaded the videos so apparently I have to wait 45 minutes for them to “convert”. It is 12:19 A.M. EST right now, so I’m sure that they will be re-encoded by 1 A.M. EST. If anyone see’s this before they are finished converting, I apologize and if you end up watching it when they are done thank you in advance for your patience and feedback.

Edit: The video embed doesn’t seem to be working, here are the links:

Thanks Guys

P.S. I’m going to sleep I think, but if I can’t fall asleep by 1 A.M I will be back to check on the videos and make sure they are working, otherwise I will check back around 10 A.M tomorrow when I’m at work. Thanks again.

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Second Video

Third Video:

Fourth Video: