fluid flowing up?

I am totally new to Blender and 3d rendering in general. Is it possible in blender to have a liquid flow up instead of down? I know there is a smoke effect, but I haven’t figured out how or if you can adjust it to act more like liquid. What I am trying to do is simulate natural gas fumes leaking from a pipe and filling up pockets inside a dispenser and then flow out once filled. The best example I can think of would be like filling up a glass with water, but with a continuous flow so that it overflows once filled, but instead of the cup sitting on a table, it would be upside down and the water (gas fumes) would flow up and fill it and then spill over once filled.

Depending on what you want to do, you could just set gravity to be +9.81 instead of -9.81 (meaning things will fall up instead of down).

You can find the setting in the Scene tab of the Properties Window.

You could also, of course, just have the scene up-side-down.

I found that part and am able to make it flow upwards. Now, my issue is trying to get it to look like fumes. I have tried changing the properties to honey so it isn’t so “splashy”, but it still acts like a liquid. (yes I know that is because it is a liquid) Is there a way to make it seem more like fumes? I have tried using smoke and changing the properties on it but just like the liquid, it still acts like liquid. I want it to stay as it needs to collect in above compartments and fill those up, but it still dissipates somewhat giving a mist-like appearance. Is there a way to add heat distortion to the environment without flames? Similar to what you would see from like a bbq grill or the shadows that appear when opening a car door? How could that be achieved? Anyone?

have you looked at a smoke sim ??
not sure it can do what you want (without a lot of cheating)