Fluid Gas(Fire) won't render in cycles mode

My fire fluid in viewport seems to be no problem and I still can render it as eevee mode.
But when I render it as cycles mode things go dark not even my fluid can be seen.

from left side is object viewport and right side is render viewport

I thought this is just a simple issue that I could figure out of it from general
but I still can’t find a way to fix it , Am I only one who has this problem?

Does this happen in a fresh scene, or only in one specific scene?

The domain appears to be opaque in the render, rather than missing. Make sure the object and the collection it’s in aren’t set to holdout and that the material doesn’t have a shader applied to its surface.

If you can’t solve the problem, maybe you could include the file, so other people can test it? if there are other objects you don’t want spread around, you can delete them and leave only the smoke sim.

Please check material output is to volume slot. And not on surface slot.

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