Fluid gone!??

Hello, sorry if this being asked before, but I don’t think it was:

I created a fluid simulation, however when I went over the last frame in order to see the domain. I then went into the edit mode for the domain to take out an object, but then when I went back to the frame where my fluid was supposed to be, it was gone! Plz help?

Once press bake the domain object changes to the shape of the fluid object but you
can still select it and edit it by either right clicking on the fluid object till domain is
selected or changing one of your windows to the “Outliner” so you can see a list
of everything used in the entire scene then select domain… I could be way off.
I am a beginner with this, that’s what I’ve learned so far about domains disappearing.
It’s still there.

For a beginner, you are very correct, Ghost! Enjoy the fun in the sun in San Diego! I almost sold my patent there…

You can also select any object in the Outliner window.http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Manual/The_Outliner