Fluid help please.

Using the fluid tutorial I’ve created the scene the way I want it. The drop of ink falls through the camera and splatters on the bottom. I have 8 different colored inks I would like to animate.

Could someone guide in the right direction as to if this would be possible?

What I’d like to do is:
frames 1 to 50 first color falls down.
frames 50 to 100 second color falls down etc.

Any help would be appreciated.


with the current state of the blender fluid solver (as of 2.43) it is not possible to mix multiple fluids together. So you can’t have several different colored drops fall and mix into one color.
Sorry :smiley:
Of course you can fake it…somehow.

Yeah, mixing fluids is VERY high-end stuff. It’s a very difficult feature to provide. I have no doubts that the coders are capable and that Blender will be capable of this one day…just not yet. And I wouldn’t look for it in the next release either.

Just a thought. One way to fake it would be to make your own real-life video of the colors mixing in the way that you want to see them mix and then, use that video as the texture for your Blender fluid. It would take some experimentation but, it could turn out quite well.

Thanks guys,

I got a result I’m happy with. I have to say the more I use bender the more I love it. To be able to get some from not knowing how to use particle system is great. I ended up with just a simple 20 frame animation of the drop and change the color and repeated the process 7 times. Then pulled all the images into Photoshop and create an animated gif for the web site I’m working on.

mpan3 your website has been a great help and also great inspiration.