Fluid HELP!!!!

I did this tutorial (http://www.imhere.nystic.com/Tutorials/Fluid%20Tutorial.php). The fluid bakes perfectly, but how do i view it rendered?

So, when you render it, it just doesn’t show up? Do you have it in the camera’s view? Have a light in your scene?

Theres a camera, light, everything. It’s animated Fluid BTW. Oh, do you mean press the ANIM button? I did and its the same frame over and over again, nothing comes out!

lol I bet your format is in jpeg and not any animated format, any ways you need to adjust that, also make sure you folder it renders to in not tmp…you should change it to a folder you like

Make sure you haven’t turned off the Render layer that has your fluid sim on it. For info on Render layer visit: http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Manual/Render_Layers

@HecticHermit: You can render Animations to Jpeg. The ANIM button just renders each frame to separate Jpeg files in your output folder. The Play button is even smart enough to find all the frames and play them back to you. Most advise I have seen on BA is to always render to separate image files so that if the render stops part way through you can restart at frame X without losing any work. The Blender VSE can put the frames together into a video file when you are done rendering.

Hey DichotomyMatt, how do you load multiple photos in the VSE? Also, how do you shrink your frames down to just 1 frame? Because when you first load them, they come out at 50 frames, but then you try to shrink them down and they only go down by 25 frames.

Thanks matt, I’ll see if that’ll work.

@BABOOM: The Wiki has the steps for adding stills and or video here: http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Manual/Using_VSE#Add_Movie_and_Image_.28Stills_or_Sequences.29
I don’t know what you mean about shrinking the frames down to one. Maybe start a new thread and PapaSmurf or one of the other VSE gurus will know more.

Edit: Okay now I get it. When you add a single image it is applied to 50 frames by default. Right click on the right side of the clip, press G, and drag the end of the clip.

nother question: how do i view the animaiton of the fluid in the 3d interface. i just watched a video tutorial on it and you could view the animation without rendering

For that you hit Alt+A, thats the hotkey for it.
If you like doing it the long way for some reason you can go to View, then Playback Animation lol

Thank you!

now do i stop it at a certian frame?

At the top of your Buttons window, is the current Frame number (likely number 1) with left and right arrows. If you know the frame you want, click in that field and type in the frame number. You can also advance frame by frame with the left and right arrows on your keyboard. Up and down arrows step 10 frames at a time. Hope this helps.

thanks. but is there a way to do the alt+a animatng thing then spot it where it is. esc starts it at the beginning

press the spacebar.

ok, thanks LOL