Fluid help!

Hey guys! Hello. Umm…Hi.:smiley: I need help. What I’m trying to do is make water meet at one place and form into a text. The text has been Alt-C (convert to mesh) and I’m trying to make it look like the THX logo. I need some help on how to set this up. I tried once or twice before and it was your basic “Domain”, 'Inflow", “Outflow”…
I’m setting out to try again. Meanwhile help is accepted. :slight_smile:

You might consider taking a look at one of the fluid control builds that’s popped up recently.

Also check out (in no particular order):


An option would be to do the forward simulation, and then run it backwards (i.e. start with the text as is, then run the simulation, and once its rendered reverse the frames). Once reversed, it’ll look like fluid converging to text.

Are there any tutorials?

I don’t know of any tutorials off the top of my head, but here’s what I did to produce:


1.) Convert your text to a mesh
2.) Set up your fluid sim as normal. It helps to increase the resolution to maintain the text shape more accurately.
3.)Run the simulation
4.)Apply materials
5.)Render, save out the frames as individual images (like .pngs).
6.)Load the sequence of frames in the sequence editor
7.)Go to scene buttons, then go to sequencer buttons. With your strip selected, press the ‘Flip Time’ button to reverse the frames
8.)Save the sequence out

If you need more in depth than that, let me know!